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How We Support ?

Online and On Call Support

At PC Safe, clients are at a liberty to call us either on +1-855-666-8856 or get in touch with our technicians online i.e. either through Chat or Email on [email protected] Once connected through any of the mediums, due attention is paid towards resolving all issues on hand in the shortest time span possible. 

Remote Troubleshooting Session

For resolving an issue on hand, our technicians take the remote control of a PC. And all that a PC user would need to do would be to just sit back and relax while magic takes place on the screen. Yes, it is literally nothing short of magical, because what you would end up witnessing on the screen is a one of its kind troubleshooting session conducted by a technician from a remote location. 

No Security Blues whatsoever!!!

At PC safe, we assure our clients the entire portfolio of remote desktop support services is highly secure and sound. All for the simple reason being that at all times we ask our clients to be online and on call while we work on their PC. So, during the entire session they can see a mouse and its movement and the commands being worked with, while at the same time laying to rest the suspicion of any fishy activity taking place on their PC.

However, at the same instance to only make things more secure, we would recommend PC users to never ever divulge any sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details to a technician. But then again in scenarios where technicians do end up asking for such details repeatedly, then simply going on and reporting the matter to [email protected]
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